12 Months, 12 New Songs

Hello Friends Followers and everyone in-between,


As you likely know Alta Sky has launched into gear playing its first shows late 2014 and finally releasing some new material in March 2015 - and if you didn't know that, this email is here to help you out with that :)


The band has been floored by all the enthusiasm and support people have shown for the new song "Loosen Your Love" and are grateful for everyone that went and downloaded the track for free on our web site. 


Please share the free download with anyone who might be interested and to show our gratitude for you, we are getting set to do it all over again.  Thats right folks, just as the great North American Grizzly hibernates for 5 to 7 moths of the year, in order to refresh, renew, and invigorate  itself, so to have we spent many late nights locked away in our studio lair writing songs that we are finally ready to unleash for your listening enjoyment. 


We will be releasing the next song on Thursday April 2nd.  It's a dreamy introspective tune with a driving groove that is a good indication of things to come as we aspire to reach out to new listeners throughout the year 2015, releasing one song per month from our extensive back catalog of demos.


Please be sure to let us know what you think and reach out to our social media sites.









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